Skill IT for Youth

Skill IT for Youth

The Skill IT for Youth – Integrating Digital and Future Skills into Youth Work project aims to increase the quality of youth work, combining higher levels of excellence and attractiveness in services, obtained through the digitalisation of youth work, with increased opportunities for young people. Through this project, the partners’ main goal is to equip youth workers with the digital knowledge, skills and confidence to enhance young people’s futures in the 21st Century.

For 2018-2020, together with our partners from Ireland, Norway and Poland we will:

  • provide research-based knowledge on digital youth work, youth workers, youth organisations and young people’s needs regarding ICT, digital and social media, and labour market’s needs and expectations in regards to the young people’s digital skills;
  • develop a competency framework for digitally-based youth work
  • help the organisations and youth workers to professionalise their work by encouraging the organisational environment to support the digitalisation of services and of work, and by equipping youth workers in the field of ICT, digital and social media, and 21st century learning skills for young people;
  • provide professional development tools in the digital field, such as, an online learning community and a training toolkit & a training course for youth workers;
  • suggest valuable public policies to boost the digitalisation of the youth sector.

The main target group of the Skill IT for Youth project are youth workers, and youth organisations and their leaders. We will address all of their needs to render more attractive face-to-face services provided to young people; to develop new activities that include technology and make the interactions with beneficiaries more dynamic and a better fit to their needs and capabilities; to bring more digital content into current services; to develop more online interaction with young people, especially with those who are hard to reach; and to develop online advisory services. We will contribute, through this project, to the development of a supportive organisational environment, and to fostering better equipped youth workers in the field of ICT, digital / social media and 21st century learning skills for young people.

Skill IT for Youth project is co-financed by European Commission, within Erasmus+ Programme and Fundația Danis’ partners in this project are: Youth Work Ireland (Ireland), KDYS(Ireland), Camara Education (Ireland), Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway) and Fundacja Robinson Crusoe (Poland).